The St. Louis Steamers are firmly committed to continue producing players
and coaches with qualities that meet the high standard necessary to participate.
Our goal is to maximize potential by producing better sessions that enhance the players experience.




The team is first priority · Choose to be positive and friendly to teammates and opponents ·
Separation is in the preparation · We do things a certain way for a reason · Mean no offense and
take no offense with players, parents, referees, opponents · Team spirit · Invest your best at all times · Work hard · Do the right thing and have a spirit of excellence in school, sports and family ·
Allow players to make mistakes · Team of grace


We believe our first responsibility is to our families, players and coaches. 
Meeting the needs of everything we do must be of the highest quality.  We must constantly
strive to lead our players in order to achieve positive growth.  Our players must be given an
opportunity to experience the game of soccer in a manner that fits their needs.


We are responsible to our parents.  Every family must be considered.  We must respect their
personal needs and recognize there will be differences.  They must have a sense of pride in the club. 
We must be mindful of these objectives.


As a club with families and children participating in the club we are responsible to act and treat
people with respect and fairness.  We must be the example of good behavior on the sidelines as
well as at practice.  Coaches, parents and players should respect each other.  When you wear
the Steamers logo you represent more than just your own personal experiences.


The values and principles spelled out in Our Credo serve as our compass; our vision is the road
map that helps us stay on course with those values. The club vision has been clearly communicated
and these Codes set guidelines for continued growth.


Our final responsibility is to the St. Louis Steamers.  We must experiment with new ideas. 
When we operate according to these principles we will continue grow and improve.

© 2020 by St. Louis Steamers

Our Facility is Minnie HaHa 13091 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63127
Minnie Haha is located in Sunset Hills, Missouri. This is a Sunset Hills park and recreation location. The location can hold up to 4 soccer fields. The St. Louis Steamers have a partnership with the Parks and Recreation Division to continuously upgrade and maintain the grass fields. Minnie Haha has a very nice walking path for parents, playgrounds for siblings, bathrooms and a concession stand.

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