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What are ID Sessions?  

An ID session, short for Identification Session, is a specially organized event where our coaches observe and evaluate players in a structured setting for the 2024/2025 season. The primary goal is to identify those with the potential, skill, and aptitude to join more competitive teams within the club for the upcoming season. Some parents may consider these to be try outs but most clubs call these ID Sessions.

Are ID Sessions different than Spring League?

Yes. Spring league is our recreational program. We are using ID Sessions to recruit/scout for fall 2024 season.

Purpose of ID Sessions:

Talent Identification: 

Coaches will look for players who demonstrate skills, understanding of the game, and physical attributes that match levels appropriate with like players.

What to Expect:

  • Preparation: Ensure your child arrives well-rested, hydrated, and with the proper gear (ball and shin guards.) A positive mindset can greatly impact performance.

  • Evaluation: Remember, the focus is on identifying potential. Coaches are looking for more than just current skill level; they're interested in a player's ability to learn, adapt, and their overall potential for growth.

  • Feedback: While immediate feedback might not always be provided, you can usually request insights from the coaching staff on your child's performance and areas for improvement.

For the Parents and Players:

  • Supportive Environment: It's essential to approach ID sessions as learning opportunities. Encourage your child to enjoy the experience and learn from it, regardless of the outcome.

What do our coaches look for at ID Sessions?

Attacking Individual Intentions:


Progressing the Ball: 

We evaluate players based on their ability to move the ball forward, effectively transitioning from defense to attack. This includes assessing their decision-making, positioning, and execution in creating forward momentum.


Becoming a Progress Option:

Our platform identifies players who excel at positioning themselves to be a viable option for their teammates. This encompasses understanding spatial dynamics and anticipating game flow to support ball progression.


Improving Progress Condition: 

We analyze how players contribute to enhancing the conditions for attacking progress. This involves evaluating their ability to manipulate defensive structures, create space, and generate advantageous scenarios for their team.

Defending Individual Intentions:


Preventing Ball Progress:

Our assessment includes a player's effectiveness in halting the opposition's advance. This covers aspects such as intercepting passes, tactical fouling, and pressuring the ball carrier to disrupt their rhythm.


Becoming a Progress Option:

On the defensive end, we also gauge a player's ability to position themselves as a deterrent to the opposition's progress, effectively closing down channels and limiting forward options.


Denying Progress Option:

We measure a player's proficiency in eliminating potential passing lanes and marking opponents out of the game, thereby stifling the opposing team's ability to maintain possession and build attacks.

Our Player Evaluation ID Platform is designed to provide a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of a player's impact on the game. By focusing on these key intentions, both in attacking and defending scenarios, we are able to offer actionable insights that can significantly enhance player development programs and team strategies.

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