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Day 4 Develop Principles through Marcelo Bielsa


Please take time to incorporate these activities into your team training sessions.  

Developing Build-Up Play 

Putting Value To The Type Of Pass

The importance of Technical passing detail 

Passing example 1 

Pass example 1 shows a passing that moves the point of attack but doesn’t break any passing lines, although this maybe the correct pass try to reward players who attempt to play through lines and look to break the opponents defensive line

Passing Example 2 Passing example 2 shows the attacking player breaking the first attacking line, this pass might not allow the receiving player to turn and play forward but does allow him to receive between the opponents front line and this pass is more valuable because of the danger it posses, once a player receive between the lines they are able to combine with other attacking players and create over loads against the opponent, who has players who can not effect the game


Passing Example 3 

Passing example 3 demonstrates a pass that breaks multiple defensive lines, this means the attacking players has played through at least two lines, this pass is the most dangerous pass for the defensive team, simply because it allows the opponent to play inside their defensive shape, it also means the overload the Reds have will be deeper in to the defensive shape of the blues. Reds should be praised for the effort when they try to break multiple lines, the more lines the offensive team can break, the closer to the opponents Goal the reds are able to attack.



Use Width to Play Forward 


The session is simply set up in a 15 x 15 yard space, the players set up with a 4 on the outside, one player pre side of the square, and then a 1v3 in the middle of the area, reds look to keep possession away from the blues, if blues win the ball then reds transition in to pressure the opponent, this will demonstrate the need to be comfortable playing within a 3 and provide opportunity between the lines 

Team Detail 

• Ensure the players keep the intensity on the inside and outside to make the practice realistic and competitive 

• Encourage players to move the ball quickly to beat the press and try and play through the opposition whilst you have a numerical overload, this is the point in working in a opposition number +1 philosophy 

Individual Detail 

• Can players move the ball away from the opponent when there is not the opportunity to play between the lines 

• Can individuals play first time when under pressure from the opponent 

• Can the players out of possession make play predictable and keep the ball outside Progression 

• Narrow Space to make passing more difficult 

• Limit outside players touches 

• Add two boxes together to provide a more difficult and more advanced practice 

This session is fantastically simple with clear opportunities to practice some of the key principles to Bielsa’s system and beliefs, with two fixed wide players and a central player, this naturally builds a 3, working within a 3 is naturally important in a philosophy that only wants to create situation where it is the opposition number +1, as this will allow for greater numbers ahead of the ball, the practice also replicates the importance of the technical elements of performance, can players demonstrate efficient passing techniques, playing on one touch or multiple touches. Can players receive ahead of the opponent. Can players receive and retain when under pressure. 

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