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SCRSL Treasure Hunt 

There are Currently no Upcoming Steamers Camps.

A Hoy There Mate!


We’re doing a Steamers treasure map for SCRSL signs. There’s 100 of them around Waterloo, Columbia, Oakville, Sunset Hills, Fenton and Arnold. Below you will find a map of each location with riddles to solve to reveal the exact location of each sign.


Players are being asked to sail the seven seas to find, locate and take a selfie with the SCRSL signs between January 20 and February 7, 2022.


Take 10 pictures, post them to Facebook, and then be sure to tag @stlouissteamerssoccerclub to earn $100 towards next season fees.


Recruit 3 “new” SCRSL players that sign up for spring SCRSL and get entered into a Super Mega Prize!!!!!


Riddles are hard, so I'll give you your first one. The "Garden of Olive" on the South County Lindberg map is... Olive Garden! Go there and find your first sign!


Who lives in a Steamboat Under the Sea? Captain Steamer!

A Message from Captain Steamer 

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The Hunt Begins

Completed Treasure Hunts

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