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Why play through  Midfield

• Shorter passes ensure retention of  possession 

• Preferred playing style 

• Technically capable personnel to play in and through midfield 

• Type of players available/ recruited 

• More time to “set” team shape & accompanying movement patterns 

• Tactical –  e.g attract opponents and eliminate them or switch play 

• Technically capable of taking most direct route

• Ensure major “creators” receive & feed significant areas with the ball 

• More variety and quality / measured service to front players 

• Poor delivery from deep positions / back players with long passes 

• Forward players – insufficient numbers and physical limitations to contest and chase long passes 

• Ineffective on regains from long deliveries from back 

Responsibilities of the midfield players:

• Available for GK and back players if they wish to play into midfield.

• To “show” as a pass receiver from any player whatever the difficulties.

• Understand when to initiate or participate in “movement” sequences.

• To retain possession even when under “severe” individual pressure.

• Distribute the ball accurately and sensitively.

• Draw opponents away from areas through which others may wish to pass , run with the ball or move into to receive the ball eg CB’s.

• To move close to or beyond forward players receiving or in possession of the ball and to move into goal-scoring & creating positions.

• In the final phase of the game to move into or near to positions from which effective passes or shots can be taken.

• On losing possession-

- support the defensive tactics of forward players as appropriate.

- prevent opponents playing into and through MF areas by marking,pressing, screening and intercepting passes.

- on the ball being played behind MF, recover to ensure that they are “goalside” of immediate opponents.

- if beaten in 1 v 1 situations to recover to the ball or spaces around players who have been attracted to the ball.

Midfield Players 

• Reads the game with intelligence.

• Constantly seeking to be intelligently involved in all phases

• Recognizes where, when and how to involve himself in the game.

• Exceptional “perception” and decision – making facility. 

• Constantly seeking to influence events around him (verbally / tactically / technically.)

• An enhanced range of passing skill.

• An assured and varied first touch.

• Ability to play with minimum touches.

• Understands and initiates or responds to “movement” in MF and attacking areas.

• Can operate under sustained pressure circumstances.

• Can operate in and out of midfield.

• The determination,will and capacity to dominate opponents and the game over 90 minutes 

• Can vary the speed at which he and we play.

• High endurance, acceleration / deceleration and agility levels.

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Our Facility is Minnie HaHa 13091 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63127
Minnie Haha is located in Sunset Hills, Missouri. This is a Sunset Hills park and recreation location. The location can hold up to 4 soccer fields. The St. Louis Steamers have a partnership with the Parks and Recreation Division to continuously upgrade and maintain the grass fields. Minnie Haha has a very nice walking path for parents, playgrounds for siblings, bathrooms and a concession stand.

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