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Week of July 20


Weekly podcast:

Training Sessions

Aim: Secure possession in midfield.

1. Staggered angles of support.
2. Awareness of space.
3. Stance to receive and play quickly.
4. Off-the-ball movement to create passing angles.
5. Length, depth and width in attack.
6. Quality of passes.

Description: In this session we work towards forming passing options, support and off-the-ball movement. The players should see the relevance of the practices with how we want our behavior on the field to be. In this case we want to secure possession with the aim of penetration. It is therefore of high importance that all the lines of the team collaborate together towards achieving this aim. All players within their positions should understand the role they play in our game model and what their movements should be with respect to the position of the ball while the team is in possession. 

Players go through the central area prior to combine passing with any of the perimeter players which are “free”. If the perimeter players are not “free” they must look for another player to combine with. Players are encouraged to both verbally and non-verbally communicate with each other. The below are the progressions of the first part of the warm-up.

1. Move without the ball through the central area to receive and pass back with a perimeter player.
2. Pass to a perimeter player and switch places.
3. Play a wall pass with a perimeter player and switch places.
4. Dribble the ball, pass to a perimeter player, receive back and pass at an angle to the perimeter player to the side indicated by the latter prior to switching places.

To make this a COVID guideline activity, you'd have to increase the space to allow players to pass thru the areas freely and maintain 6 feet distance.  


 5v3 Rondo with a central zone 

The black team aims to keep possession of the ball while at the same time score a point for every pass made to a player situated inside the central area. As a progression, to score a point another player is required to receive the pass from the player inside the central area. The yellow defenders are not allowed to enter the central area. To further progress the exercise, a point only counts if the pass from inside the central area is made to a third player as in the diagram below. After passing, the player who previously occupied the central area must move out of it and a new attacker occupy this space. This develops the behaviour of the players to rotate positions during an attack.



Again, in order to allow your team to train within this session, please ask defenders to apply passive pressure, meaning social distancing of 6 feet or more.  


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