Week of September 13


Aim: To switch the point of attack when vertical play is not possible. 

1. Overload ball zone.
2. Staggered angles of support near the ball.
3. Safety option behind the line of the ball.
4. Opposite full back gets wide and ready to receive the ball to attack from the opponents’ weak side.
5. Preventive marking at the back.
6. Movement to receive the ball behind the defense. 

We start the warm-up with short passing between players while on the move. We increase the tempo of the warm-up by introducing more balls and require the players to perform a short run of a higher intensity after passing the ball. The passing exercises are interspersed with mobility exercises and dynamic stretching.

Players play 4v4 plus two neutrals who play with the team in possession. After making a pre-set number of consecutive passes, the ball is played to the adjacent zone where the same rondo takes place. The team who had possession of the ball retains it. Rotate the neutral players every three minutes. The goalkeepers also take part in this warm-up as in the main session as is also the case in a match they are required to play under pressure using their feet.





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Our Facility is Minnie HaHa 13091 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63127
Minnie Haha is located in Sunset Hills, Missouri. This is a Sunset Hills park and recreation location. The location can hold up to 4 soccer fields. The St. Louis Steamers have a partnership with the Parks and Recreation Division to continuously upgrade and maintain the grass fields. Minnie Haha has a very nice walking path for parents, playgrounds for siblings, bathrooms and a concession stand.

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