Week of July 26


Here's some information that can help you shape your young athletes:


If you plan to create individual development plans, here's a list of questions to share with your players.  

1) Know myself (what am I good at) What player am I going to be this year? 

2) What is my daily plan to get there? Who am I watching? What types of practice am I doing every day? 

3) Have I collated all of the information about the level I want to get to in microscopic detail? Technical, tactical, physical, psychological 

4) Looking at this detail, what is going to stop me getting there? What glaring hurdle is in my way for my position and identity? 

5) What areas am I going to improve every day? (on field, recovery methods, psychology, S&C, nutrition, self analysis, role model(s), support structure, off field support/environment, recruit/talk to anyone specific who can enhance)

The plan needs to be put under the microscope to really enhance development. The following provides some examples of proper analysis: 

-Assess your game. Where do things usually fall apart? When do you tend to lose form in the season or games? When do you lose motivation? Do you adjust playing next to different people? Are there certain styles of play that you struggle with? Are there certain opponents you struggle to play against? 

-Body language. Look at body posture and see how it affects your game. On video do you have your head up at certain stages or head down? Negative look or positive look? 

-Pregame: Rituals? Music? Routines? Food? Pumped up or relaxed? Superstitious? 

-Physical preparation. Workout plan? S & C? Specific warm up needed? Yoga? 

-Psychological anxiety. Get clear with your fears. Be ready to face them and move towards them, not away from them. Don’t run from challenges as it becomes habitual in young players on and off the field. 

Training Session

Aim: Create space and options to circulate the ball in midfield.

1. Staggered positions of midfielders 6, 8 and 10.
2. Compass movement of the offensive midfielders 8 and 10.
3. Central defenders to support the midfield from behind.
4. Striker to create options vertically.
5. Off-the-ball movement to support the player in possession.
6. Press immediately upon losing the ball.

Description: The midfield is the engine of the team. It is therefore of upmost importance that the level of relationship with the rest of the team is high. In this session we focus on the off-the-ball movement and angles created in midfield with special emphasis given to the compass movement. The compass movement is when one of two players drops while the other either remains in the same position or moves to a higher position. Timing of passes and support to the player with the ball are two other fundamental outcomes required for the success of ball circulation in midfield in search of penetration.

We start the warm-up with activation exercises and dynamic flexibility. These are followed by the exercises described below. The warm-up ends with quick footwork and short sprints of ten to fifteen meters in length.

In variation 1 the ball-carrier dribbles to the opposite player who is situated twenty yards away. Players perform take-overs and dribbling at speed.

In variation 2, player 2 opens up at an angle to receive the pass from player 1. Player 2 then directs the ball to player 3. Players follow their pass to rotate positions.

In variation 3, player 1 wall-passes with player 2 prior to passing the ball to player 3. Again players follow their pass.





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