Week of June 28

low-block defensive strategy

Use these 30 questions to help you develop your understanding of the low-block defensive strategy.

Questions to consider:
Team shape and strategy

What are Wolves allowing Manchester United to do and what are they not prepared to let happen?


  • When are they engaging?

  • Are they engaging 5 metres outside the penalty box? 

  • Are they engaging five metres inside the halfway line? 

  • What’s the shape of the team before they engage and put pressure on the ball? 

  • What depth of that is from the goal?

  • What is the distance between the backline and the frontline? 

  • What are the numbers in each unit?

  • What are the distances between the units? 

  • What are the distances between individual players?

Understanding defensive triggers

As Manchester United enter a particular part of the pitch, a Wolves player does something - what is it?

Consider the following:

  • What happens first?

  • Why do they do it? And what do they do?

  • What is the impact on the player next to them and how does that shift?

Individual roles and responsibilities 

For the initial player who applies pressure, consider: 


  • Why do they go?

  • What was the trigger? 

  • Was it a backwards pass? 

  • Was it a bad touch? 

  • Was it because the opposition entered a particular part of the pitch? 

  • Is there a specific player that they’re paying attention to? 

Individual actions: 

  • What pace do they move at? 

  • What is their body shape like as they move?

  • When do they slow down? 

  • How do they pivot? 

  • What are their turning mechanics like?

  • Most importantly: what are they trying to achieve?



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