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Anticipation in Defense in Midfield and the Back Four Collectively

Now we are looking at anticipation in defense and in midfield. The body language of (C) is such that it is clear she is passing to either (D) or (E). We do not anticipate this we arrive too late all over the team hence opponents in 1 v 1 situations have lots of time to play. Here above we show the anticipation movement of the teams players as it should be, it may only be 4 yards when; for example; the closest player to (E) which is (3) is initially 8 yards away but already before (D) has passed to (E) defender (3) is 4 yards closer to either INTERCEPT the pass or get really tight to pressure (E).



Anticipation in Defense in Midfield and the Back Four Collectively

Here the anticipation has worked and (3) arrives as the ball arrives and does not give (E) time or space to play and is more likely to win the tackle or force (E) into an error 

By DEFENDING IN ANTICIPATION the defender (3) is in a good position to INTERCEPT THE PASS as shown. 



A Lack of Anticipation in Closing Down 

This is how we can be where (E) receives the ball in lots of space and has time to make a good choice of what to do with the ball. If tighter as previously shown then (3) may force (E) into an error with much less time and space to work in. 


Over Anticipating 

(3) Has tried to anticipate the pass to (E) from (D) before she makes it and has covered the whole distance between herself and (E) thinking she is doing her job anticipating and getting tight to (E), but the ball hasn’t even left the foot of (D) yet. This is over anticipation and she has left herself vulnerable to the pass in behind. The moral is anticipating the potential pass but still covering space as well as covering the player; as in the previous diagrams. 

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