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Overload Switching Play Game

Set-Up and directions

Organize a pitch of approximately 50×25 yards with two goals on each end in the corners. Divide the team into two groups, one of which should have one player more than the other. There are no goalkeepers but the goal can only be scored from one-touch finish on the attacking half. The team that has more players starts every time from the own half. After set period of time, the roles can be rotated.

Having less players then the opposition and defending goals in wide areas will force the defending team to quickly shuffle from side to side as a compact block what will then place additional physical demand.

As we can see below, when the attacking team switches play, the defending team has to run across to prevent scoring in the opposite goal what helps to achieve the physical side of the exercise. At the same time, attacking team can focus on switching play from a tactical perspective. 

The game should be played 4-8 minutes and repeated 4-6 times with 2 minutes active rest in between.


  • 6v6/7v7

  • Three goals to attack

  • End line to dribble through instead of goals

  • Eliminate going to goal and make it a possession activity only

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