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How To Communicate To Your Parents If You Or a Player Is Sick With COVID 19



If you have a player or you yourself tests positive for COVID 19 we are asking that you communicate immediately to your families on your team.  

The club will also send out communication as well.  Please send an email to to notify the club.  The only way this all works is communication.  If you are looking for a template or something to give you an example of how to communicate please take a look- (we are not suggesting that you have to use this template we are just providing options)



We were notified recently that one of our players tested positive for COVID 19.  At this time we are being asked to discontinue training for 14 days.  If you feel like your child should be tested, please do so.  Keep in mind you have to have symptoms of COVID 19 in order to be tested.  

Although this news is disappointing, we want everyone to be safe.  Thank you for your patience.

Aug 3, 2020, 2:16 PM

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