Coaches Players and Parents Evolution Program

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Program Overview:

  • From a perception point of view, the term coaching education implies coaches are not educated. Referring to this as a coaching evolution program would reinforce that improving as a coach is a constant evolution.

  • The key factor of a coaching evolution program is to provoke thought and reflection. Coaches typically want a menu of activities or drills to do with their team. While giving coaches drills and activities can be a part of this program; the aim will be to get coaches to become better thinkers, as that is what they want their player to do too.

Methods to expect:

  • Specialized courses delivered in person or via Zoom

  • Tactical Periodization

  • Fitness Periodization

  • Soccer conditioning

  • Controlling your Thinking (coaches and players)

  • Space-time components

Parent Evolution Program:

  • How to be supportive and encouraging of your child

  • Being a role model

  • How to support and question the coach

  • Transferring responsibility from parent onto player

  • How psychological factors affect a player's ability to perform

Mentoring program/shadowing program:

  • Steamers board members identify coaching influencers who will meet consistently with coach educators

  • Coach educators meet with coaching influencers via Zoom, observing sessions, observing games Correspond via email about games and/or practices

  • Discuss current trends that can be applied and taught during games/practices

  • Videotape coaches, on the field, in order to present them with objective information as to how their behaviors and interpersonal skills affect the soccer learning environment

  • Record only the audio conversations and comments of the coach during the practice to further analyze the impact of the coach's comments, both positive and negative

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