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Individual Development Plan 7 & 11 positions





Offensively, the 7 and 11 should be following the play on the attacking half of the field.   If the ball is on their side (strong side) the 7 or 11 should be actively moving in and out of space to connect with the ball.  

Crossing: A high ability to cross the ball is a must for these modern day 7 and 11 as they will find themselves in many crossing positions during a game. They will be crossing with a moving ball so they need to learn several techniques for crossing the ball. This will include driven crosses, lofted crosses, cut back crosses, bending whipped crosses and so on depending on the situation. 

Tactical Understanding / Game Intelligence: Offensive minded or attacking minded player is a must.  Player must have high energy and willing to run penalty box to penalty box multiple times in a game.  

7 and 11 must be able to check off, receive and turn inside and face up to defender in one movement off first touch.  Turning without the ball pull defender short creating space behind, spin quickly and receive the ball behind the defender.  Run defender off and away from the ball then check back into space you have created to receive and turn in one touch to face your opponent. 

Technical Attributes: 

1. Excellent first touch control: A Great passer - short medium and long passing, ability to play ONE TOUCH. 

2. Speed of play with the ball in all disciplines 

Tactical Attributes: On the ball 

1. Control at Speed in tight situations; so a great first touch always moving the ball quickly when able. 

2. Always in a position to receive the ball and always WANTING the ball.

 3. Choice – preservation of the ball - change the direction of the game 

4. Direct quick passing. Create and save the space and distance 

5. Able to play with SIMPLICITY.

Tactical Attributes: Off the ball 

1. Understanding of Positioning according to the positioning of opponents; the ball and teammates 

2. Communication - with their peers and with respect to the opponents, particularly those immediately close to him, center backs, central midfielders and fullbacks (a position on the field of great responsibility for communication) 

3. Insight in when and where to apply pressure on the ball 

4. Control of the different types of defending- between the lines, zoning, man marking, covering the passing lanes


1 v 1: They need to be very good in 1 v 1 confrontations knowing when to press and when to delay. 

Physical: Physically strong to be able to compete against powerful players and quickness of foot as they usually come up against wide players with pace. 

Game Intelligence: He / she has to build a good relationship and understanding with the keeper behind, immediate player in front and the defender beside them. Connecting with the 9 and mids as often as possible.

 Recovery: Recovery runs are vitally important for this player in this system of play. When attacking they must have the capacity to get back. (Penalty box to penalty box)


Individual Development Plan 7 & 11 posit
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