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Individual development plan for 8 and 10


The Roles of Players (8) and (10) Player (8) Can play slightly different to (10), (8) being more the link player between (6) and (10), more the passer; and (10) being the more offensive creative player. They may interchange depending on the team methodology of play. So you may select different types of players offensively for these two positions but both need to be able to defend well also due to it only being 7 v 7. 



1. Speed with the ball 

2. Control of the ball – excellent first touch 

3. Passing Ability - short, medium and long distance 

4. Dribbling Ability - to create a situation of 2 to 1 to score goals 5. Long distance shooting on goal 

Tactical: With the Ball 

1. Change of pace 

2. Coordination with the ball 

3. Game head – when and where to move – making third man runs 

Tactical: Without the Ball 

1. Ability to read movement off the ball and press, mark or track opponents. 

2. Communication - with their peers and with respect to the opponent 

3. Attitude to pressure as a team player 

4. Control of the different types of marking - between the lines, 1 v 1 pressing 


1. Quick thinkers 

2. Disciplined and responsible - always in the position of receiving the ball. Assessing options before receiving the ball. First check - First pass –Movement off the ball recognition 3. Will work for the team - on offense / on defense 

4. With confidence - to go deeper - to score goals - to return to his / her position - To defend


1. Speed - In short (especially), medium and long distance 

2. Change of pace 

3. Good coordination and balance with and without the ball 

4. Strength of passing

 5. Shooting power 

6. Endurance / stamina 


1. All about Decision Making and developing the mind of the player. The “Skill Factor: is perhaps THE most important component to develop in a player. 

2. Everything they do relates to this in terms of assessing options and what the right course of action to take both on and off the ball. 

3. When; where and how to pass (very important as they will have the ball a lot)



Individual development plan for 8 and 10
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