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Individual Development Plan #9 position (Striker)


The Role of Central Striker Player (9) The same technical, tactical, psychological, physical and skill factor attributes as shown in the 4 v 4 set up. 



The lone striker has to have good mobility and an ability to hold up the ball until support arrives so physically very strong and difficult to knock off the ball. 

Obviously the usual characteristics of being a good goal scorer, a great shooter of the ball able to link up well with supporting players in front and behind him or her. Great pace is a bonus. 

High Technical ability is required as he / she will often be trying to control the ball in tight spaces especially when he / she is the only striker. 

Ability to play with their back to goal and also to be able to play facing the goal and get in good side on positions to receive and attack. 

So; knowing where and when to come off his / her marker and get free (not dissimilar to the number (10) in this regard). 

An ability to create space for him or herself or for others through intelligent movement off the ball is important for this player. 

Often the coach will choose between a tall, physically strong player; able to hold the ball up and be good in the air, and be a “great wall” to play off for supporting players, or rather a quick smaller and shorter players with the ability to dribble and run at center backs and expose them 1 v 1. 

Again it depends on the coaches personnel and also the type of player he / she prefers or the type of opposition he / she is playing against.

Be first to the ball, receive the ball and hold effectively

Attack spaces behind and to side of defense and defenders

Apply pressure when dribbling at opponent

Able to turn off one touch 

Body work- receiving, turning, shielding, spinning away

Lose your marker, link the ball to open players

Movement to the ball, off the ball, diagonal movement, deep straight run movement

Drop in front of defender to receive

Always showing for passes

Change of speed, step and go, stride, distance


The First line of defense on the team and so it is useful if he / she is good at pressing. 

He / she needs to pick when and where to press to conserve energy; but if supported by teammates and not isolated alone; he / she can be very effective. 

So, a willingness to close down players when the opportunity arises to help the team defensively is a good asset and of course the reward for this is often a chance of a shot on goal.



Individual Development Plan #9 position
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