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Like most St. Louis kids in the 1980's I was hooked on indoor soccer. Whether it was playing at Jamestown Sports Complex, Dellwood, The Soccer Dome or Vetta South County there's a good chance that we could all talk about the good old days of indoor soccer.  One of the most important indoor soccer memories that I have is attending St. Louis Steamer games.  

I can remember the day of the game- usually a weekend night.  We would take the weirdest ways to Old Barn- I usually went with other soccer kids and parents and everyone got to the "Checker Dome" differently.  Or at least it seemed.  I can remember the excitement in the back seat of the car and waiting to go thru the parking lot attendant line.  Finding a parking spot and walking like you were walking on the pool deck during the summer- just fast enough that you are still walking but it's kind of running.... because if you ran you might get yelled at. 

Going thru the ticket gates and walking by the Steamers merchandise and begging to stop at the concession stand for anything- I didn't even care what I got just anything!  The lobby was always a mob scene.  People everywhere.  (We miss this experience...)  Making our way up the steps, we never sat down below.  Climbing like rocky mountain goats up those little steps and finding your seat was an experience.  Then figuring out who you wanted to sit with and getting yourself organized to watch the game literally seems not too long ago.  Watching our favorite players, SLOBO, Ebert, Rose, Pecher, Glavin and Coach Pat McBride.  The list goes on of course.  Watching them play, watching the orange and black soccer ball bounce around and the goalie nets were always so awesome to me.  The players were rock stars in short shorts.  The St. Louis Steamers......

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