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Possession: The Objective or a Tool?


I came across this today- it’s from a local coach, Mike Quante.  Pretty good stuff! 


Possession: The Objective or a Tool?

Every coach in the world would like their team to be able to hold possession. The question becomes possession as the objective or as a tool to achieve something else?


There are teams that as you observe them pass the ball, it is as if goals exist on the side of the field. These teams pass from one side to the other and may or may not advance the ball downfield as they pass. This is possession as an objective.


Soccer is a competitive game, and the intent of the game is to score one more goal than your opponent. A tool to achieve this purpose is possessing the ball. When a player gains possession of the ball, the opponent is most vulnerable as they are spread out and spaces between opponents are biggest. This is the most opportune time to attack, through passing forward as much as possible. On average, regardless of professional level or youth level, goals are scored within 6-8 passes and in less than 11 seconds.


Obviously not every pass can go forward so what is needed is passing backward to a teammate who is then able to assess the situation and continue passing forward, preferably diagonally forward. The best pass in soccer is a forward pass as it gets you closer to your opponent’s goal.


A common theme  is holding possession for a few more passes. Kids would like to play fast but at times it appears we cross the line and play in a hurry. What is needed is a few more passes into the forwards feet, bounced back to a teammate, and then passed forward again. The important part is the pass into the feet of forwards and bounced back. This is an area the boys will continue working and improving as the season continues.  


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