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Spring Session II Registration

Spring Session II

Season dates:  May 20

Location: First Community Sports Complex

420 DD Rd Columbia IL 62236

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Our Program Highlights 

At the St. Louis Steamers Soccer Club, we take pride in offering a program that delivers exceptional experiences and benefits to our participants.  


Spring 2024 Details – The 2024 season is now open at the St. Louis Steamers Soccer Club! Secure your child's spot in our kids soccer league today and get ready for an action-packed season filled with soccer excitement. Our structured practices will take place at the best and state-of-the-art turf field. Don't miss out on this opportunity - register now for the Spring 2024 season and be a part of our program.  

Download SCRSL Handbook

Spring Session II - ABOUT THE PROGRAM 

Get ready to ignite your child's passion for soccer at the St. Louis Steamers Soccer Club! Our league is designed to provide young soccer enthusiasts with a nurturing environment where they can develop their skills and love for the game. Open to boys and girls born between 2015 and 2020, regardless of their skill levels, we believe in creating a supportive and inclusive space for players from diverse backgrounds. With a strong emphasis on fair play, sportsmanship, and teamwork, our local program in Columbia Illinois ensures that every participant learns important values both on and off the field. Teams are carefully organized based on age groups and skill levels, guaranteeing fair and exciting competition. 



Program Director: Jason Glover

Contact Jason:



Program Director: Doug Gum

Contact Doug:


  • How will I know which team my child is on?
    You will register through Teambot and be assigned to a team.
  • Can my child get extra training?
    Yes. We have staff coaches that provide additional training for a fee. Please contact to coordinate
  • Will my child be on a co-ed team?
    Depending on the number of players in each age group. We try our best to put girls on the same team and place boys on their own teams as well.
  • Can my child be on the same team as a friend?
    Yes. Please email to coordinate
  • Can my child be promoted to the select team?
    Yes, if it is deemed appropriate for your child's development, we can arrange to move them to the League One teams or select teams for a more competitive environment.
  • Are there league standings?
  • Where can I find the schedule?
    Teamsnap will provide the schedule electronically for both trainings and games.


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Steamers Soccer has been a game-changer for my child's development. The coaching staff is dedicated, passionate, and has helped my child improve both technically and tactically

- Mark T.

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St. Louis Steamers is simply the best! My son's skills and love for the game have grown tremendously since joining the club. The coaches' expertise and commitment are unmatched.

- David R.

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