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SCRSL (South County Recreational Soccer League)

SCRSL Registration 

2023 Programs

Welcome to the South County Recreational Soccer League 2023. Registration includes one week night practice and one game per week. 

Summer "Boot" Camp

Season dates: 06/26/2023 to 07/23/2023

Registration closes on 06/26/2023

Summer Lil' Steamers

Season dates: June 2023 to July 2023

Spring SCRSL

Season dates: March 2023 to May 2023


$225.00 + Uniform


Spring 2023 Details: SCRSL (South County Recreational Soccer League)

Should I sign up?

Players with birth years between 2014-2019 should consider signing up for this program.  This is a great program for families looking to experience soccer for the first time or have players that are wanting to play in a league that is geared towards development at a desired pace. 


Will my child be on a co-ed team?

No.  We will have all girl teams and all boy teams.  Girls will play against girls and boys play against boys.


How do I know what team my child is on?

You will register thru Teambot then be placed on a team


Where can I find the schedule?

Teambot will electronically provide the schedule for trainings and games


Can my child be on the same team as a friend?

Yes.  Please email to coordinate 


Are there league standings?

No.  The scores do not matter


Can my child be promoted to the select side of the club?

Yes, if it makes sense to place your child in a more competitive environment then we can make arrangements to move your child to the select team.  


Can my child get extra training?

Yes.  We have staff coaches that provide additional training for a fee.  Please contact to coordinate

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During the course of the season we want our coaches to focus on being patient, reinforce positive behavior, be slow to make corrections but be quick to praise our youngsters.  The SCRSL program values effort but we don't define the players on effort alone.  We encourage player creativity and we want the kids to enjoy the game.  We do not treat children like miniature adults and we won't hold youngsters to the professional levels standard.  We know that success has many forms and your child will determine what success looks like.  Overall, we want your child to succeed, make new friends and ultimately love the game of soccer.  Our program is supported by Saint Louis University Men's and Women's Soccer Program. as well as St. Louis Ambush professional soccer.  We typically recruit 7-10 SLU soccer players to coach/assist our teams and 3 Ambush players.



We have 19 staff coaches that will support this program.  About half of these staff coaches are current Saint Louis University Men's and Women's Soccer players as well as St. Louis Ambush professional players.  If you would like to become a part of the coaching staff, please contact  Our coaches rotate thru teams to give each child a different perspective of learning.  Not everyone learns the same way and we want our players to have a great experience with all of our coaches.  This is a long term approach and specific to developing a long relationship of soccer.  

Program Vision:

The foundation of SCRSL is to create age appropriate training and game sessions that focus on long term development.  This model focuses on communication, decision making and execution.

SCRSL is based on fundamental principles that are respected throughout our program:

  • Long term player/child development

  • Respecting each other

  • Training principles

  • Focused on elements of improvement

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| Program Contacts

Program Director: Jason Glover

Contact Jason: 



Program Director: Doug Gum 

Contact Doug: 


Additional Player & Parent Education

What does SCRSL look like?

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