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Steamers Strong: Empowering Soccer Players through Strength and Conditioning

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Steamers Strong

Steamers Strong

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Steamers Strong is a bonus program designed to complete the rest of our mission and finish carrying out our club’s credo. 

"The St. Louis Steamers are firmly committed to continue producing players and coaches with qualities that meet the high standard necessary to participate. Our goal is to maximize potential by producing better sessions that enhance the player’s experience.

We believe our first responsibility is to our families, players and coaches.  Meeting the needs of everything we do must be of the highest quality.  We must constantly strive to lead our players in order to achieve positive growth.  Our players must be given an opportunity to experience the game of soccer in a manner that fits their needs."

Beyond the excellent soccer training that a Steamer’s session provides, Steamers Strong aims to develop and enhance the player’s social, psychological and physical competencies in order to successfully navigate the intense world of club sports.

Steamers Strong Objectives

Over the course of the program athletes will:

  • Understand goal setting and develop their own goals

  • Develop confidence in who they are

  • Define work ethic in relation to their own goals

  • Balance teammates and friendships

  • Balance commitments

  • Define success

  • Learn how to grow through opportunities

  • Develop a love and respect for their own health and bodies


Coaches who are truly dedicated to their players are dedicated to the whole of their players, not just their growth in the game.  The support staff of Steamers Strong is made up of soccer coaches, counselors, nutritionists, and parents with expertise in applicable fields. We strive to provide an environment that will nurture, develop and celebrate the strengths of all of our players.


Steamers Strong Format

  • Open to players U11 and older (those playing 9v9)

  • Sessions will be 30 min long and prior/post to a scheduled training

  • Game/Activity illustrating the theme

  • Take-away quote demonstrating the theme

  • Discussion on theme while stretching

 First session will be Monday, March 7th starting at 6:40 at Minnie Ha Ha Park.

What is Steamers Strong?

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