Week of July 5



We continue to teach and develop our players and more importantly, our coaches.



As we ramp up to start training sessions, here's a few key areas to think about:

1) Organize The Equipment (Pennies, Balls And Cones) 

2) Coach Only One aspect of your team at a time- don't get overwhelmed

3) Coach (Affect The Attitude) Of Each Individual Player on your Team 

4) Stick To The Same Theme 

5) Use Designated Start Positions To Begin Each Practice To Paint The Picture You Want To  Create

6) List The Key Coaching Points 

7) Think Individual / Unit / Team – Simple To Complex And Develop Logical Progressions Into The Session 

8) Specify The Size Of Area Used And Make It Relevant To The Numbers And Ability Of Players Used 

9) Divide The Field Into Thirds For Easier Points Of Reference In Small - Sided Games 

10) Use Target Goals, Target Players, Or Lines For Opponents To Play To In Phase Plays And Functions 

11) Isolate The Areas And Players In Functional Practices To Keep It Specific 

12) Use Offside Where Necessary For Realism 

13) Coaching Method: Freeze The Coaching Moment (Stop, Stand Still), Review What Went Wrong, Re-Run Slowly (Can Be Walking Pace), Re-Create The Set Up And Go At Match Speed. Let Them Play 

14) Use A Questioning / Guiding Coaching Method Rather Than Command 

15) For Attacking Themes Limit The Number Of Touches The Opponents Have If They Win The Ball 

16) For Defending Themes Limit The Number Of Touches The Defending Team You Are Coaching Has When They Win The Ball. This Ensures The Opponents Have The Ball For The Defenders To Try To Win Back




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Our Facility is Minnie HaHa 13091 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63127
Minnie Haha is located in Sunset Hills, Missouri. This is a Sunset Hills park and recreation location. The location can hold up to 4 soccer fields. The St. Louis Steamers have a partnership with the Parks and Recreation Division to continuously upgrade and maintain the grass fields. Minnie Haha has a very nice walking path for parents, playgrounds for siblings, bathrooms and a concession stand.

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