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Individual Development Plan 3 & 2 Positions


Here's the individual development plan for 3 and 2 positions respectfully on a 7v7 team


The Roles of Players (2) and (3) in the 7 v 7 


The same technical, tactical, psychological, physical and skill factor attributes as shown in the 4 v 4 set up. 


1 v 1: They need to be very good in 1 v 1 confrontations knowing when to press and when to delay. 

Physical: Physically strong to be able to compete against powerful players and quickness of foot as they usually come up against wide players with pace. 

Game Intelligence: He / she has to build a good relationship and understanding with the keeper behind, immediate player in front and the defender beside them. So building a relationship with first the keeper, with (6), (10) and ultimately (9) when they attack. Positional intelligence is vital, not letting players get in behind them. 

 Recovery: Recovery runs are vitally important for this player in this system of play. When attacking they must have the capacity to get back. But, lets say (3) has attacked and is in front of (10) then we would expect (10) to help out defensively behind them. 


Offensively, in our 3-2-1 system of play the wing backs have freedom to attack, and unlike many systems of play that only allow for one fullback to attack at any open time this system allows for both of them to attack at the same time. That said if you are more cautious in your approach only one will attack at any one time and the other will tuck in and defend alongside (6). 

Normal wing backs percentage between defending and attacking would be far higher on the defending side; but our system encourages them to attack more so the percentages are closer. 

Crossing: A high ability to cross the ball is a must for these modern day wingbacks as they will find themselves in many crossing positions during a game. They will be crossing with a moving ball so they need to learn several techniques for crossing the ball. This will include driven crosses, lofted crosses, cut back crosses, bending whipped crosses and so on depending on the situation. 

Tactical Understanding / Game Intelligence: They must be better all-round players than the traditional wide player because they are acting like a wingback AND a winger even in 7 v 7 in this 3-2-1 set up whether it be a defensive minded or attacking minded player, now it is best if they can be good at both. 

If the attacking full-backs get to the byline and the defending wide midfielders track them all the way, the defending team will end up with something approaching a flat back six. 

Opposites: You “could” play a right footed player who can play on the left and cut inside and have a good shot, and vice versa. They attack the opponent inside, and they have an advantage from this as they cut inside onto their strongest foot and inside against the opponents weakest foot; attacking the left side defenders right foot; and the right defenders left foot. 

Shooting and Crossing: Having the ability to shoot on goal. Traditional wide players usually are good at crosses and tended to stay wide, the modern wide player has to be better at so many more skills than previous generations of players. 

So; they need the ability to stay wide and cross the ball and the ability to cut inside and shoot at goal. 


individual development plan for 3 and 2
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