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Individual Development Plan for Central Defender


Here's another position (central defender) to begin building the Individual Development Plan for your players.  When you think of your center back- do they have these attributes?

If you are playing 7v7 here's what the field would look like- 



If you are playing 9v9 or 11v11 these numbers still apply but right now we're moving methodically thru all the players and providing a format of formations with players.  


The Role of the Central Defender Number (6) in 7v7

The same technical, tactical, psychological, physical and skill factor attributes as shown in the 4 v 4 set up. Percentages for attacking and defending for each player are only approximate depending on how each team employs their players. 

DEFENDING (65%) Screening: He / she positions in front of the keeper to screen shots at the keeper. Must be a good reader of the other team’s intentions. 

Double; Teaming: He / she can act as a double teaming player with the players in front if the ball gets past those in front.

Man Marking: Working centrally most of the time so likely up against the opponents (9) in a 1 v 1. If the number (6) gets drawn away from his / her position by tracking the striker (9) going short for example, then (2) or (3) can drop in and fill the same role. 

Tackling: A good tackler also who is able to win the ball and set up the attacks simply. Pressure: Ability to press quickly and also good in the 1 v 1 defending situation. 

Physical: He /she needs to be a tremendous physical presence and be a strong and determined player. ATTACKING (35%) He / she needs to read the game well, must keep possession and pass calmly. He / she needs to be comfortable dropping back and changing the point of attack around the back 

Awareness: He / she must be able to anticipate his or her next pass or movement ahead and in advance of the ball; as often the space to play in where he / she operates is restricted and oppressed by the opposing striker at 7 v 7. 

Passing: He / she must have a high percentage success rate for maintaining possession; as losing the ball in his area of work is very dangerous, so a very skilled passer and a strong physical player to protect the ball also. Often this player is the player with the most time on the ball and everything is in front of them so he / she HAS to be an excellent passer. 

Discipline and Personality: (6) has to have an incredibly DISCIPLINED MIND as he / she must resist the urge to venture too far from their area of work; (unless he / she is interchanging with teammates). He / she is the player who must always want the ball, never hiding from the action; so he / she has to be a super confident and a player with a strong dominating character. 

Game Intelligence: Ultimately; the most interesting thing about this role, however is that they really are the catalyst to all the moves on the team and the team takes its shape off the positioning of (6). 

A major decision maker in the team and the team in this type of system is build around the number (6) as he / she is a part of so much defensively; breaking up the opponent’s final attacks as the last line of defense for the keeper and so much offensively; and starting off the teams build up play; often with just a simple pass to maintain initial possession.

Tactical: With the Ball 

1. Speed - with ball TO START ATTACKS, quick decision making process

2. Positioning - in a position to receive a back pass from mids or outside backs

3. Choice - playing in depth - last player back, playing in a cover role, retaining possession of the ball 

Without the Ball: 

1. Positioning: depending on where the ball is and who has it, following the play with their thoughts.  

2. Communication - with their peers and with respect to the opponents 

3. Control of ways to defend - supportive role, enforcer, last player back



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