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Individual Development Plans


The last few days we've sent out information with regard to defending principles.  We can continue to layer in defending principles but another topic is Individual Development Plans.  Have you ever thought- how can I tell a player they don't fit our system unless they begin to work on these areas?  Then you stare at a blank sheet of paper and have a hard time articulating what that player lacks or better yet- what that player actually needs to work on to improve.  So today- we will start with the goal keeper.  If you have a goalie that you want to engage conversations with the parents regarding an Individual Development Plan please take a look at these topics.  You are more than welcome to edit each topic add/delete information etc.  

The Role of the Keeper: 

With the Ball / Without the Ball 

1. Technical 

2. Tactical 

3. Psychological 

4. Physical 

5. Skill Technical Qualities: 

With the Ball 

1. Speed and quality of distribution 

2. Pass, kick, without hands and excellent on the floor technique. 

3. Technique of releasing the ball with the feet and hands - distance (short, middle and long) with speed and direction Tactical: 

With the Ball 

1. Speed - with ball TO START ATTACKS 

2. Positioning - in a position to receive the back pass. 

3. Choice - playing in depth - retaining possession of the ball

 Without the Ball: 

1. Positioning: depending on where the ball is and who has it 

2. Communication - with their peers and with respect to the opponents 

3. Control of ways to defend - the goal - area (at the sides, in front of the back four and behind the back four) 


1. The “Will” to avoid goals against 

2. Disciplined and responsible 

3. Stable / consistent performances - avoiding risk 

4. A Leader and organizer 

5. Highly Vocal Communication Skills - with defenders (especially) - with the midfielders - with the forwards (Can see the WHOLE FIELD) 

Physical Attributes: 

1. Speed over short and middle distances 

2. QUICK Reactions (not anticipation) 

3. Vertical Force - strong jumping ability - to attack the ball AT ITS HIGHEST POINT 

4. Duel - in the air - power in the 1 to 1; so a strong body


1. All about Decision Making and developing the mind of the player. The “Skill Factor: is perhaps THE most important component to develop in a player. 

2. Everything they do relates to this in terms of assessing options and what the right course of action to take both on and off the ball.


Again, this is considered a framework of information.  Use this opportunity to begin discussions with your players via email.  Show them you care and spend time helping them.  



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